Our English Highlights

OUR ENGLISH HIGHLIGHTS! Most parts of the programme are in Dutch. But, if you don’t speak Dutch, this does absolutely not have to be a reason to stay home! The Night of Arts and Sciences is also very suitable for international visitors. If you come across an English description in this guide, that specific part of the programme will be held in English. Also, most researchers performing the experiments are able to speak English and will be happy to provide you with an explanation of their work in English. Feel free to approach them in English. Here we provide an overview of acts that are suitable for internationals. Get tickets:! 

On various location there will be music. We have booked some of the hottest bands to entertain you tonight so don’t miss out on that! Dance in the glass house to the best elektronic music-acts, enjoy the best acoustic acts at the Keizerbeelden in de Museum of Ancient History or check out the closing acts of Causes at the Schouwburg and MY BABY at Gebr. de Nobel.

Culture-Swing-Dance-Machine | Museum Volkenkunde
Combine dancingstyles from different countries and subculture. In this video-installation by artist Mark Buitenwerf you are the choreographer, letting dancers from various cultures dance together. Cybergoth Sala? Ballet Metal? Ballroomschlager? Rock ‘n Riverdance? Anything is possible!

One Moment in Time | Leiden Observatory
In the Meridian hall, the place where the first and only timer of Holland used to be located, #NKK16 hosts One Moment in Time, an interactive installation that takes you on a journey along reversed gravity.  In this construction you will be prepared to a visit to a wormhole, a magicla place where time takes different shapes, your life flashes before you and where worlds come together.

Science and the Short Film | Gebr. de Nobel
Did you know that scientific discoveries serve as inspiration for film directors?
The Leiden International Short Film Experience will tell you all about science in movies in pop temple Gebr. de Nobel. Come, watch two short films and then talk about them afterwards with an expert.

Beaming internet from the sky. The battle of the giants | Gebr. de Nobel 
Imagine bridging the information gap and having acces to people, knowledge and information in ANY corner of the world. During a disaster, getting medical attention in the remotest of places, providing distance schooling - everyone can benefit from begin connected. But thruth is that 5 billion people still don't have that. Discover the way technology ans science will solve this seemingly impossible dilemma in the very foreseeable future.

About how my emotions were stolen by the machine | Leidse schouwburg
The lives of adolescents mostly take place on the internet. Thereby they are giving up a lot of their privacy. Is this something we should be worried about? On the basis of a personal family archive, Romanian actress Ioana Tudor will peform a monologue about the lack of privacy in the Western world. How she feels about that? See it for yourself; her emotions will be analyzed live by emotion recognition software.

Microbes, Mars & Living Art | National Museum of Antiquities
Bacteria may not be everyone’s favourite subject, but the iGEM team will show you how to do some great stuff with them. You can even create a work of art with coloured bacteria by using a chemical reaction. Wow! If that does not look good on your mantelpiece, we don’t know what will.

Blauwe uur | Hortus Botanicus
For one night, the Hortus Botanicus will be colored in the fanciest colors you can imagine. Colored trees, colored gras and colored bushes. Discover the Hortus and let the light art of Blauwe Uur, the light artists of Leiden, lead you. During #NKK16 they will create a world of light where you can wander away or space out.

Virtual Reality and Real Life Tinder | Academybuilding
If we may believe scientists, Virtual Reality is the future. At #NKK16, you can check out what that will be like! Go on a Virtual Reality quest, solve the mystery and save the dinosaurs. If this is a little too artificial for you, you can also participate in a dating experiment. You help science learn about attraction and you might just score a phone number of a hottie. Win-win!

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